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Mobile Soccer Goal Wall Sales

We are now pleased to offer soccer goal walls.

Soccer Goal Wall For Sale

Goal Wall 007

(SKU #SGW007)

A “Goal Wall” is a goal-like device, which allows individuals to shoot a soccer ball through one of the two holes in the wall. Each hole has a diameter of 21 inches and the shooter has to shoot over a distance of 23 feet. Each player has to shoot the ball 3 times at the lower, - and 3 times to the upper hole. Each time the ball hits the hole counts as a goal. So far, a score of 6 goals is unheard of. But in 1974, German soccer legend Guenter Netzer was the first person to score 5 out of 6. While some have scored 5, a score of 6 is so rare that it will draw worldwide attention. Will it happen during your event? Do  you want to practice prior to the event?

A fun and entertaining competition, where every event visitor can enter and try. The ideal attraction for your event, soccer club, soccer training or just for fun in your backyard.

This goal wall is being handcrafted to withstand high use and impact of soccer balls hitting the wall.

Rather than using mostly nails, we use screws instead, to assure long-term quality and reliability. The device features a support frame in the back, so that it does not bend and tilt upon impact by the force of an incoming soccer ball.

The unit assembles and disasembles in less than 20 minutes with a team of two adult individuals.

Width of goal: 106

Height of goal: 72

The goal wall front panel consists of 3 panels that assemble to a complete goal.

Delivery time currently 1-4 weeks. Freight costs upon inquiry. Free pick-up in Las Vegas, NV. Shipping orders will incurr freight charges. All measurements are approximate. Disasembled, the goal wall fits easily in the back of a pick-up truck. Since the item is being handcrafted, there could be minor adjustments in color.

Price: $1,950       we accept VISA, MasterCard, Paypal


Merchant: Maztery Music Corporation, 7925 W. Russell Rd., #401495, Las Vegas, NV 89113. Phone: (702) 885-3325, Email: marketing(at)

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