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Our translation team

Our translation team consists of two German-Americans:

Andreas R. Adrian

Andreas grew up in Germany, spent half is life in Germany and the other half in the United States. He has been assisting German individuals and companies with translations in real estate and other businesses since 1988. After being appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2006, Andreas served as Germany's Honorary Consul to the State of Nevada to year's end 2014. In charge of trade relations, tourism and cultural exchanges between Germany and the State of Nevada, Andreas also translated official documents, government issued ID's and correspondence for both German and American clientele. These documents were accepted as Certified based on his consular position status and seals. His current translations are not certified as he focuses more on the day to day correspondence and translation of relevant documents. However, if you need the translation by a certified translator and we will accomplish that as well through our network of certified translators. Andreas can also be hired as a consultant for International business transactions.

Rosmarie Pfister

Rosmarie grew up in Germany as well and had worked more than 16 years for a German City government in multiple positions. She worked for eight years as the office manager of a German consular office, where she did oral and written translations to consular clientele. Rosmarie is also a writer in German. Besides having published her own books, she continously writes advertising material in German for German business clientele who need assistance in writing professional marketing material for websites, promotions, advertising and cataloques. Her favorite letters are those that are addressing German government agencies.

We can do small or large translations and those of volume. We are being supported if in need, by a network of Certified Translators.

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