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Nevada Incorporation Services. Set up a Corporation or LLC

Nevada Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Nevada Incorporation Services

Nevada Incorporation Service

Why Incorporate in Nevada?

Nevada is one of only four states with no corporate income tax. Additionally, Nevada has no franchise tax, no taxes on corporate shares, and no succession tax. This type of tax structure is made possible in Nevada by a state economy centered in three major industries, namely gaming, tourism and mining.

The revenue generated by these industries has historically paid for a substantial portion of Nevada's budget needs.

Also, there is no personal liability of officers and directors to the stockholders of a Nevada corporation.

Nevada allows for stock to be issued for intangible assets, therefore creating flexibility in managing the corporation. While there are many more benefits for incorporating in Nevada, those are best discussed per your needs, with an attorney or tax professional.

The Corporation

A corporation is legally separate and distinct from its owners. It is an entity, - its own legal person. It is its own legal person and survives all changes in ownership. A corporation has its own Federal Tax ID number and files its own tax returns. The corporation remains the most important form of business units. Although other forms outnumber it, most business is transacted by the corporation. That is a significant reason for considering the corporation as your business entity of choice. The power and influence of the entire business community, including high-powered lobbyists at every level of government, are on your side of important issues. Corporations can be formed for Foreign Nationals.

The advantages:

  • Shareholders have liability limited to their investment in the corporation

  • Lower Federal Income Tax Rates in many instances

  • Centralized management, ease of doing business

  • More tax deductions available to the corporation than to other forms of business entities

  • Full fringe benefits available

  • Stability and permanence of business

  • Easy transfer ODF assets and ownership

  • Flexibility in raising capital

  • Distinctly separate legal existence

The LLC – Limited Liability Company

An LLC is an entity that is legally separate and distinct from its owners, just as a corporation. The LLC is considered the same as a partnership for federal income tax purposes. The LLC merely files an informational tax return that details the gain and loss of the individual members. This avoids the problems associated with double taxation issues that exist when corporate stockholders receive declared dividends, and the dollar is taxed at both the corporate and individual tax rate. An LLC can be formed for a Foreign National.

The advantages:

  • Good liability protection for members, management and employees

  • No limitation on number and type of owners

  • No limitation on classes of membership interests

  • No limitation on ownership of other corporations

  • No citizenship requirements for members or managers

  • Personal creditors treated like assignees, and cannot force the sale or dissolution of the company

  • Continuity of Life beyond that of Individual Members

  • Centralization of Management

  • Limited Liability

  • Free Transfer-ability of Interests

C Corporations

All corporations are initially formed as a C corporation. This is a designation that tells the IRS to deal with the corporation's deductions and taxes under the rates and limits available under the current Federal Corporate Income Tax laws. A C corporation fills out a tax return on which it claims all available deductions against corporate income, and pays the applicable tax at the corporate rate.

S Corporations

An S corporation (also known as a Sub-chapter S corporation) is a hybrid entity that offers protection of limited liability to corporate shareholders, and yet it is not a taxable entity at all (except certain types of capital gains). Instead the income, whether distributed or not is transferred directly to the stockholders, who pay taxes on the corporate income at their personal income tax rate – essentially treating the stockholders for tax purposes as if they were partners. This results in having a wider range of corporate deductions applied against the individual stockholder's income. One of the advantages is that any potential for double taxation is eliminated. Limit of 35 stockholders

For this type of corporation, all stockholders must have U.S. Social Security Numbers, and their names will be revealed to the IRS to determine their proper Federal Income Tax obligations.

While we speak out of 23+ years of experience in setting up Nevada corporations for our clients, some clients, we do not give legal advice, and we do not give tax advice. All we do is registering your new Nevada corporation. If you do need legal or tax advice, we recommend you seeking the services of any licensed Nevada attorney, CPA or tax adviser. We work closely with our attorney and CPA partners, and if in need, we can always connect you with one of our partner firms.

While there are service firms offering Nevada Incorporation Services at a low price, most of them do not even mention the Initial List of Officers that need to be filed within 30 days of Incorporation, or the Nevada Business License Fee you need to have and which by itself carries a $500 filing fee with the State. What we offer is a Complete Incorporation Package, that lets you get started with your business, without fear of the State shutting down your business within the first few weeks after Incorporation.

Here is our Standard All-Inclusive Nevada Corporation Order Form:  Feee is $1,750 (U.S. Dollars)

Total charge includes filing fees, registered agent service for 1st. year, Ceremonial charter, State Business License, Authorized Shares of $75,000 included, Initial List of Officers (or Managers/Members if LLC), Articles of Incorporation, One filed stamped copy of the articles, Ceremonial Charter page (in color. If you rather fill out a PDF then download the PDF form and then fax it in or email it to us. Download PDF here

Incorporate in Nevada


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